Authorized Trane Dealers

Pond’s is an Authorized Utah Dealer of Trane HVAC Systems in Salt Lake City & Bountiful

Where can I find an authorized Trane dealer in Bountiful, Utah?

Using any general search engine will point you in the right direction.  Another option is using the company’s website to locate the nearest authorized dealer.  The benefit of using Trane’s website is it will show each business based on location but also additional information.  Using this feature makes it possible to see each business’s qualifications, such as being NATE certified, simplifying the choice of which Salt Lake City dealer is best for you.

What is the difference between a dealer and a Trane Comfort Specialist?

An authorized dealer means that the company is certified to sell Trane systems in Utah.  They have been found to have the knowledge and experience needed to service your air conditioning system.  A Comfort Specialist has qualifications that build on what is expected from an authorized dealer.  They must meet stringent standards of knowledge, service, customer satisfaction, and continued education.  Each Comfort Specialist must show a special dedication to provide each customer with a positive experience.

Why should I choose an Authorized Trane Dealer for the air conditioner or furnace in my home?

Trane offers the rare combination of a top quality system at an affordable price.  They are industry leaders that constantly find ways to make their systems more efficient and reliable.  Technologies such as their all-aluminum Spine Fin outdoor coils and Hyperion air handlers are two examples of what makes their products great.  The continued innovations combined with a priority placed on customer satisfaction makes the decision a simple one.

What type of maintenance will my new HVAC system need?

With such reliable systems, regular routine upkeep and preventative maintenance are all that is usually needed.  For systems that both heat and cool it’s best to have regular service performed each spring and fall by an authorized Salt Lake City or Bountiful Trane technician.  For systems that cool or heat only, service once per year is sufficient.  Service should include a thorough cleaning, replacing filters, and inspecting for any potential problems.  Making sure regular maintenance is performed by an authorized dealer can prevent problems later.  In addition, studies show systems that are serviced regularly run more efficiently and last longer, saving money in the long run.

Will the technician that handles my install be NATE certified?

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence.  It’s the nation’s biggest non-profit heating, air conditioning, and ventilation certification organization.  NATE is completely owned and operated by the HVAC/R industry and is completely voluntary.  It’s set up to help dealers to provide quality products that are installed correctly.  It also shows industry installers how to be more efficient, helping them to save customers money. All of Pond’s Salt Lake City and Bountiful, Utah technicians are properly trained and certified.

Can I receive a tax credit for purchasing a new Trane HVAC system?

There are some tax credit options available for installation of new Trane HVAC systems.  The American Tax Payer Relief Act was passed in 2012 which either extended or modified tax credits given for energy efficiency.  It applies to appliances, newly built homes, and improvements to existing Bountiful or Salt Lake City homes.  Trane has many options that qualify, and it’s best to consult with an authorized dealer to see which products are best for your home.