Authorized Lennox Dealers

Pond’s is an Authorized Utah Dealer of Lennox Home HVAC Systems in Salt Lake City & Bountiful


Where can I find an authorized Lennox dealer in Utah?

It’s easy to find a dealer using any search engine.  However, it might be easier and quicker to go their website to find the nearest location.  This will also help to ensure that you are finding only authorized Lennox dealers which means you can be confident in the quality and service you’ll receive. If you are looking for an authorized dealer in Bountiful or Salt Lake City look no further than Pond’s Plumbing.

Why should I choose a Lennox product over other brands?

Lennox offers a complete line of comfort systems for your Salt Lake City home.  This means they can provide you with a system that is perfect for your needs.  Their systems can include anything from high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners to high-intensity air quality products such as air purifiers.  Combine this with the assurance that comes from using an authorized dealer and you’ve got a system that can be counted on for years to come.

What is the difference between portable air purifiers and Lennox whole home systems?

The biggest and most obvious difference is that portable air purifiers can only work in one room at a time.  This means you are stuck picking one location or buying multiple purifiers.  In contrast, a whole home system from an authorized Bountiful dealer will clean the air in the entire house making it far more efficient.  There are even more benefits when you look deeper.  The Lennox PureAir purifier system is the only one that attacks all three different classes of indoor air contaminants.

How much money can be saved with an energy efficient HVAC system from Lennox?

The savings can be huge, but it’s difficult to state an exact amount because it will be different for each Bountiful household.  This can depend on a range of variables such as how inefficient the old system was, system size, house size, and how well the house is insulated.  To find out more about how much you can save contact your authorized Salt Lake City, Utah Lennox dealer, Pond’s Plumbing.

Do Authorized Lennox Dealers offer solar-powered HVAC solutions?

There are different choices for solar powered units that will work for every system.  In addition to the tax incentives available, you’ll see a huge reduction in utility bills.  These combined with helping to be more environmentally friendly make going solar a great option for anyone.

Can I receive a tax credit for purchasing a new Lennox HVAC system?

There are several tax credits for Bountiful and Salt Lake City residents with new Lennox HVAC units.  There is a solar tax credit (25D) that will give you up to 9% of the total retail cost of solar-powered equipment found in a SunSource Home Energy System.  The 25D tax credit also covers up to 30% when having a solar module installation.  In some cases, it’s also possible to redeem energy tax credits from 2012 and 2013.  To do so you must verify that any system bought during those years meets the energy efficiency standards for the credit.  You can find the links at the company’s website under tax credits, or talk to your local authorized dealer for more info.