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Utah is known for its hot and dry summers. Sometimes the only relief from the hot weather is a nice cool room. But if you didn’t do a routine AC check up in the spring you may be in for an unpleasant and warm surprise. That’s why our professionals always suggest checking your cooling system before you need to use it. How do you know if your AC needs repairs or if it’s time to replace it? Here are some things to look for:

  • Unusual Noises: if your AC unit is making noises that it normally doesn’t make. There may be a problem that requires repair or replacement.
  • Unusual smell: if you notice an odd smell coming from your AC system, there might be a biological growth inside the unit. An overpowering electrical smell could mean your unit is working too hard and exceeds its temperature limitations. You might want to replace your unit with a new energy-efficient model.
  • Weak Airflow: if you feel like the airflow coming through the vents isn’t as strong as it used to be, there might be an issue with the AC unit’s blower fan.

It’s always best to diagnose and fix problems with your AC before the hot summer months roll in. If you find yourself sweating it out this summer, call our friendly team from Bountiful, Utah, and we can repair your existing unit or replace it with a newer energy-efficient model.

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Installing New AC units

Our employees are all highly trained in installing replacement ACs for homes and air_conditioningbusinesses in the Salt Lake City and Bountiful, Utah areas. Whether you want to upgrade your current system with a replacement or just need a new system installed, we can make sure that get the job done quickly so you can enjoy all the benefits that a replacement unit provides.

Even if you already have an AC unit, you should stop to consider whether or not your system is adequately working to cool down your home or business. If your AC unit is relatively old, it might not be as efficient as it used to be. New units have been made with improved technology and use less energy to cool your Salt Lake or Bountiful, Utah home or business.

AC Unit Repair and Replacement Utah

Because AC units can be very complex and complicated, it’s often difficult for a home or business owner to know what’s wrong when they aren’t working. That’s why we train our team of experts to be able to identify the problem and fix it quickly so you can get back to having a cool home or business again.

Whether it’s not running quite as efficiently as it should or your cooling system is showing signs of a breakdown, call us for immediate AC repair or replacement. We serve customers in Salt Lake City, North Salt Lake, Bountiful, Woods Cross, and along the entire Wasatch Front.

Rooftop AC Units

What type of AC unit is the best fit for your Bountiful or Salt Lake City, Utah home or business? Your options include a window unit, a standalone unit, a swamp cooler, or a rooftop system. What would be the best choice is entirely up to you, your family, or your business.

Rooftop units are great for Salt Lake City or Bountiful, Utah homes and businesses that don’t have a lot of extra space because the unit will be completely out of the way. It can also be a good choice if you don’t want an AC unit sitting in your yard. For businesses, multiple AC units are needed sometimes, so putting them on the roof can be a space-saving and appealing choice.  Ask us about our roof new AC replacement options!

Swamp Coolers

If you are looking for an alternative to AC, you may want to look into a swam cooler replacement. Swamp coolers are a popular option in both Salt Lake City and Bountiful, Utah. Because of the way they are designed, swamp coolers can slightly moisten the dry desert air while they cool your home, which can keep the air feeling fresh. Though your cooler might be placed in harder to reach areas of your home, your roof for example, swamp coolers are just as useful as AC units and can work wonders during the summer months.

Regular Maintenance and Repair is Key for Swamp Coolers

In order to keep your swamp cooler running at its top level of efficiency and to avoid investing in a replacement, you need to make sure that your cooler sees regular maintenance. This includes cleaning out the filters, tightening up the nuts and bolts, and ensuring that the swamp cooler is running well. You should always get your swamp cooler checked out before you start it up in the summer, if not more often.

When you have our Salt Lake City professionals check up on your swamp cooler regularly, you can improve the cooler’s efficiency and cut down on your monthly utility bills. During the summer months when utility costs can be quite high, every extra bit of efficiency adds up.

Air Cleaners

Poor air quality is a growing, year-round problem in Utah, especially in valley cities like Bountiful and Salt Lake City. The air is often full of chemicals like industrial and automotive exhaust, ozone, and other pollutants that can harm your lungs with every breath. Though you can’t replace the atmosphere outside, you have the ability to control the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. To improve the quality of your home’s air, we offer a variety of new air cleaners and purifiers for your AC system!

Air cleaners, purifiers, and filtration systems work hard to reduce or eliminate all the dangerous, damaging, or irritating substances from your home’s air. Some of these substances include:

  • Allergens
  • Pollutants
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Animal dander
  • And more!

Having a new air cleaner, purifier, or filtration system may be necessary to improve the health of a family member who is particularly sensitive to dangerous substances that are in the air. Whether you need to cater to someone with asthma or allergies or just want clean, high-quality air throughout your home, our company can implement a new air cleaning system for you!  It is important to replace your air filtration system regularly.

Air & Surface Cleaners for your Bountiful or Salt Lake City, Utah Home

Whether someone in your home has asthma or if you just like to know that your home’s air is clean and safe for breathing, you might be interested in the new air & surface cleaners that our company has to offer.

Because air inversions in the Salt Lake City and Bountiful areas of Utah can be so awful, especially during the winter, having clean air inside your home is a necessity. Replace  polluted air in your household with fresh, clean air by purchasing your very own air or surface cleaner!

As opposed to filtration systems, air and surface cleaners do much more than just filter the air. They actually sterilize it so the air is pristine and safe for inhalation. This type of system would be really beneficial for you if one of your family members had asthma, but clean air will improve the health of everyone in your household.

Porch and Patio Misters

Porch misters don’t just look cool; they cool you off when it gets far too hot during Utah’s blistering summer months. Misters will make your patio or porch area inviting and fun to sit around, making it a hot spot for visiting friends or family. Before you know it, everyone will want to have get-togethers at your house.

You don’t have to let the summer get you down. When you have patio misters, you can enjoy the sunshine while staying cool in the comfort of your misted, shaded porch area. Our company has myriad mister brands and types to choose from, so you can get creative with your overall patio design.

Once you decide which type of misters you want, our highly skilled and qualified installers will be able to come out to your Salt Lake City or Bountiful, Utah home at your convenience to put up your new misters so you can enjoy them all summer long. We can also come out to perform maintenance on the misters you already have , if needed.  We also offer several replacement misters.

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